- 6 months ago

Penthouse One-11: the sinuous Zaha Hadid watchtower at Citylife

Zaha Hadid Architects A rigorous aesthetic generates a harmonious relationship between nature and technical prowess in this luxury residence on […]
- 11 months ago

Conte – Alexander Brenner

The square and rectangular tiles that make up the floor alternate with one another in free and fluid spatial sequences, […]

- 1 year ago

Godron | Giorgetti

Design: Giancarlo Bosio + Centro ricerche Giorgetti Giorgetti designed this decorative wood surface drawing inspiration from the French Goderon. The […]
- 1 year ago

Between – Alexander Brenner

The coldness of “brass” meets the warmth of the wood surface, giving rise to a meticulously crafted floor that interacts […]

- 1 year ago

Patricia Urquiola. Design, precision, creativity

Patricia Urquiola, architect and designer, was born in Oviedo (Spain) in 1961. She lives and works in Milan, where she […]
- 1 year ago

Wood culture

“We are but dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants”. With this admonishment, Bernard of Chartres informed his disciples that […]

- 1 year ago

Gulf Islands Residence: buen retiro in Canadian forests

AA Robins The Gulf Islands are a small archipelago off Vancouver, in the Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and […]