Protecting the forest, inventive design and a new approach to natural materials are all part of Listone Giordano’s production strategy.

Medoc | Michele De Lucchi
Medoc | Michele De Lucchi

Medoc® is the architect’s tribute to the French soul of our company. It is a common thread that links Umbria to the forests of Burgundy and continues to the heart of the famous Bordeaux wine region. The name Médoc – already in use well before the ancient Romans – indicates the middle territory or pagus medulorum. It refers to the area where the famous oenological wine-making method – imitated all over the world – was born. A success determined not only by the magical grapes

Medoc® embodies the synthesis of concepts that are not always easily reconciled: Aesthetics and Ethics, external Beauty and Substance, Appearance and Essence, Surface and Pulp.

Michele De Lucchi‘s project with Philippe Nigro has masterfully written the opening chapter of a new book entitled Natural Genius. This innovative product stems from the idea that wood is “pulp” , made of solid, authentic, consistent material, processed through the pioneering technologies developed by the company over the years.

LEGGI ANCHE – Natural Genius: a ten year long journey investigates the industrial design applied to wood surfaces

Medoc | Michele De Lucchi
Medoc | Michele De Lucchi

The distinctive feature of Medoc® is the original trapezoidal shape that recalls the tapered shape of a tree trunk “like that of the old planks when the boards were not squared so as not to waste wood needlessly.” The unique treatment with the traditional sawn surface creates a fascinating play of light and natural sensations.

The color of the product was custom-made following and interpreting the vision of the master who wanted to achieve the effect of the wood left outdoors and exposed to the various climatic elements.

You would have to be able to walk on your hands to appreciate the sheer beauty of the wooden floors. That way you could really feel the nature captured in the wood, it’s soft to the eyes yet durable to walk on and it feels warm to the touch. This profoundly luxurious material, both in its shape and decor, needs no further design touch which may only spoil its appearance, detracts from its richness and alters its authentic nature.

Michele De Lucchi

Medoc® was awarded the Golden Compass Honorable Mention awarded by the ADI International Design Jury. The first wood floor to have been carved by the “hand” and creative thinking of a designer. This added value is the final act of a painstaking survey of the design and entrepreneurial excellence.

Medoc | Michele De Lucchi

Medoc® has thus become a member of the Compasso d’Oro Historical Collection, a unique event in the history of wooden floors, contributing to the definition of the Made in Italy quality so well established and appreciated throughout the world.

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This latest award comes at the end of a surprising journey that has seen Medoc® receive awards and prizes of great importance and prestige since it was first presented to the press and to the public in 2008. The most significant ones include: the “Premio dei Premi per l’innovazione 2010” awarded by the President of the Republic and 2010 EDIDA Elle Deco International Design Award on the occasion of Milan Design Week.

Medoc | Michele De Lucchi
Medoc | Michele De Lucchi

The attention to research, aimed at a contemporary interpretation of an ancient and ancestral material such as wood, comes to life for Margaritelli with the Natural Genius project, which includes the Medoc® collection, in a scenario where the flooring acquires a new personality, characterized by elegance and modernity, combining technology and innovation with ancient knowledge in the processing of this extraordinary material.

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